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So....the story goes that a man come home from WWII, he suffered very deeply from post traumatic stress and murdered his family then killed himself, rumours say by drowning others by firearm.  Supposedly the house is hanuted by a little boy believed to be his son who mediums have said stood at the top of the stairs screaming "no daddy, no daddy" Being one of the Gold Coasts most haunted locations, we thought we'd check it out!!




Upon arrival at 999 Springbrook road we parked in what would have been the driveway or entrance to the house, there were 2 posts with a cut chain, we heard the echos of birds and the wind blowing the leaves to the ground heavily, it was eery but so peaceful.



As we walked closer to the debris that once stood the Lake house and housed a family, we saw the rubble to the left and the hand made pebble walls and what appeared to be a staircase maybe to the underground cellars that were once accessible, there were overgrown trees and roots entwining throughout the rubble which was once was the mans home.




Upon walking 5 metres north from the cellar stairs you can see the very dark and murky Lake which appears to have once had a jetty.  The water was so still and glass like with the overgrown branches softy touching the waters edge.

To the right of the staircase there was handmade steps, around 4-5 , it was made from large pebbles the same as the staircase and rock walls, this lead up to more debris and what was left of a few large pebble walls.

 To the very left of the house we noticed large amounts of butterflies more than Ive seen in one place at one time, they were so graceful. 

Walking up to the rubble we could make out parts of the house and could see the underground cellars, you cant go in there because of the amount of bricks, wood and tree trunks on top would make it too dangerous. You can see probably the only window that was partially intact lying alone on a brick wall that had been destroyed, you can also see a curved brick wall which was originally the window frame.....

 I was so intrigued by this place when I heard about it, I cant understand why someone would have knocked  it down, we were there for around 2 hours and we didn't see anything out of the ordinary but did hear the creaking of a door occasionally which seemed to come from under the debris.

 I couldn't help but imagine what he was like and what his family and kids were like....did they swim in the lake I even imagined them running and playing around this beautiful property, It is a tragic part of history that is now been destroyed and is no longer...

                          If only the trees could talk...

Photography by Cameron Nunn & Erin Hodgkinson

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